SURT opened in December 2019, but it has its roots in a longer history of bakers and travelers.

I am Giuseppe Oliva, the founder of this project.

If someone told me that I would have become a pizzaiolo, I might have laughed a few years ago. In fact as a child I was fascinated with pirates and sailing, so I worked as a sea captain for six years.

In 2011 this adventure landed in a historical commercial harbor – Copenhagen – where, almost by chance, I felt the desire to reconnect to my heritage of earth and fire. (The sea can be explored, but after all, it is the home of fish and aquatic species.)


My family has been making bread since 1941. My grandfather headed a beautiful water mill that made bread for the Italian army during World War II. Later in 1978, my father opened his own bakery and raised me on bread, sun and almond shell biofuel. 

In the midst of the gastronomic revolution that swept Copenhagen, I met several chefs that further fed my culinary interest. Working with them reinforced my skills in creating artisanal products, paying homage to raw materials and gastronomic roots.  These were also nurtured through international collaborations in New York, Paris and several Italian cities. I then crossed paths with Carlsberg Byen, a historical fermentation site that places emphasis on cultural heritage and is now home to SURT.  

Our oven was built on site, with the help of Ernesto, an oven crafter with vulcanic skills!

Things we like

At SURT, we value acidity. We are curious about all things that tickle the tongue’s sour receptors and we do our best to provide our guests with this experience. 

SURT pays homage to handcraft and the unpredictable character of gesture. Every single kneading is unique, as is the sourdough’s daily disposition and identity.

SURT delights in small things. We collaborate with small lactic bacteria and yeasts to make our sourdough pizza, with small-scale farmers who care for their produce, and with a small team of chefs who express their own being in their dishes.

SURT cherishes life. We respect seasonal cycles in our selection of ingredients as they provide the best nutrients for that time of year and taste better too. We strive to generate as little waste as possible by using all of the produce we choose to use.


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